Our story so far…

UBake Fresh was launched anticipating the next phase in the baking industry and specifically the pie and pastry section.

It is a known fact that the pie is an Australian icon yet the quality surrounding this product is more than questionable. Through our extensive expertise and experience we have developed a healthy, quality consistent affordable range of products.

The baking industry has both changed and evolved considerably over the past 20 years. Gone are the days where a bakery business can afford a mass of qualified tradespeople producing quality products from raw ingredients with the significant increase in overhead costs.

Like many industries it is extremely difficult for independent operators to survive with high rents, increased wages and penalty rates, higher electricity costs, significant increases in raw ingredients and meat prices. Combined with these massive cost increases we have also faced a downturn of tradespeople in the baking industry and the amount of work these people are able to fit in to their 38 hour “working week”.

We have seen the first step where a lot of bakeries have eliminated the making of pastry and started to purchase pastry shells, pastry lids, puff pastry shells and rolls and other unbaked raw pastry products.

The customer and their perception is paramount in maintaining and growing a strong business. We have developed the next step to ensure a quality, consistent and affordable product that will ensure your customer returns. We have now completed the next step to enable your business to grow without any increase in staffing costs or capital investment in machinery.

We are proud to be the first to produce not only an unbaked shell but a full unbaked pie complete with meat ready to be baked. There are numerous advantages to having an unbaked product including but not limited to the following:

  • baking fresh on demand throughout the day,
  • minimal to no wastage, perception from your customers that everything is made on site when in actual fact it is baked fresh on site,
  • reduced electricity costs,
  • reduced wages and
  • significant savings on equipment and upgrades.
  • customise your pie with your own toppings
  • brand this pie your own

The people behind the pies

When you commence production of a quality product there needs to be infrastructure put in place to ensure consistency, quality and most importantly a great taste.

There are a substantial number of people to thank for the product we produce starting with the good old Aussie farmer as we insist on the best quality beef available. It is then onto our butchers who ensure the leanness of this quality beef that we demand on a daily basis.

When this beef arrives at the production facility it is checked by our head Storeman to ensure the temperature is below 2°C before entering our coolrooms. It is then on to our specialist meat cooker who follows our specific instructions on cooking the quality beef and adding our secret ingredients.

We then have our qualified pastry chef mixing the pastry with consistent quality being of the highest priority. He then hands the pastry onto production staff who ensure the procedures that are so strictly in place are adhered to. With state of the art machinery working to produce our consistent quality product it is imperative that our staff are trained on every aspect of the production line.

The product is then sent through nitrogen freezers to ensure the freshness of the product until it is ready to consume. Once it leaves of the freezers it is packaged (by our packers) into plastic lined food safe cartons and labelled with all Nutritional information and ingredients.

Our storage people are accountable for the release of boxed products to our distributors.

As you see it is very much a team effort here at UBake Fresh.