Our Commitment

At UBake Fresh we have an unwavering commitment to quality and service and we can assure you that when you purchase one of our products you are getting only the World’s Finest. Be assured we care about the quality of our products and our service performance.

Our Manufacturers facility produces a wide range of meat, savoury and sweet pastry products, including both baked and unbaked products, to the highest quality standards.

The production facility maintains Food Safety Certification to Codex HACCP 2003 and a proprietary Quality and Food Safety Standard that is the equivalent of the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) benchmarked Standards e.g. BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

Our Manufacturers facility is also Export Accredited as we plan and implement the International expansion of the business.

Our products are able to be shipped globally for all countries to enjoy. For all International inquiries please email export@ubake.com.au




Audits and Product Development

Third Party audits of Quality and Food Safety standards are conducted twice-yearly to ensure that the high quality of the pie and other pastry products are maintained. Product quality is the responsibility of all who work at the Facility and the experienced Quality Manager ensures that quality is maintained by monitoring the sensory, chemical and microbiological attributes of the products.

We are committed to continuous new product development with all products made to a highly consistent standard from the highest quality ingredients.

We take this opportunity to thank you for visiting UBake Fresh and trust your experience with our product will be extremely satisfying. If you have any queries or requests please contact sales@ubake.com.au, assisting our customers is what we are all about.